The blog celebrates its 1st birthday!

12/04/2017 Emma H.

Thank you for your support and motivation!

When I started my Good Vibes Huntress blog a year ago, I had no idea there would be an English section at all. My main goal was to write in Czech, my mother tongue, and raise awareness on endometriosis, women’s health, and nutrition-based protocols like Paleo or the AIP.

Since then, two things happened: My English-speaking friends massively asked me to provide articles in English, too. And I’ve realized during my endometriosis research that there are certain topics in relation to endo that still need to be covered. That’s why I decided to provide English versions of articles on how the disease affects me on personal level (e.g. my story Endo... Learning to live with pain, When life has other plans for you or 7 Things not to say to a woman with endometriosis), and of certain topics that I haven’t found similar articles on (e.g. Natural progesterone cream, Endometriosis surgery or Naturally painkiller free). I also decided to support and raise awareness about the first documentary on endometriosis called Endo… What?, as well as duplicate some of my Paleo and AIP recipes in English.

I’m hoping that even though my contribution to the massive English blogosphere is very minor in terms of volume, people will still find it valuable.

There is one thing you can look forward to, though. I’ve completed a real-food guide for women with endometriosis, which is available on my Czech blog. Soon, I will start working on the translation and will make it available in English, too. So stay tuned!

I’d like to thank you all for your support and help, and if you like my English blog, please do share with your friends and loved ones. The more we talk about healing chronic diseases through nutrition, the better world we will live in.


Never stop hunting for good vibes!

Feel free to connect with me through my English Facebook page Good Vibes – Healing through nutrition. You can also contact me through my contact form or follow me on Twitter or Pinterest.

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