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Need to incorporate more veggies in your diet? This is an ideal way to do it!


I’ve never been a huge fan of cucumber but I am now. It is refreshing, especially when you add avocado, lemon and your favourite fresh herbs.


Avocado is a great choice for those who feel hungry all the time. It is actually protein and fat that makes us feel full, and avocado is bursting with good fat! This special fruit is also a good choice for those whose illness makes then struggle to gain weight. For more information on avocado click here.


Lemon does not only contain high levels of vitamin C. It offers a whole range of other vitamins and minerals and has powerful positive effect on our health. Read more about lemons here.


Herbs are what gives this dip a special flavour. This recipe is very versatile – feel free to use your favourite herbs of choice. You don’t need to follow any instructions here and can make a thousand variations of this dip!



Fibre - 27%

Calories - 8%

Protein - 4%

Carbohydrate - 3%


K - 14%

Cu - 9%

Mn - 7%

Mg - 7%


Vitamin K - 26%

Folate - 20%

Vitamin C - 17%

Pantothenic Acid - 14%


*Recommended daily value per 100g.

- keeps eyes healthy

- maintains healthy skin

- protects liver

- reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases

- lowers risk of prostate and breast cancer

- aids in digestion and weight management

- has antiaging and antioxidant properties

- helps treat vitamin K deficiency related bleeding

- reduces inflammation in tissues, muscles and joints

- helps overcome morning sickness during pregnancy



May cause headache and nausea.

Good Vibes Huntress

Refreshing cucumber dip



1 cucumber

1 avocado

1 lemon

1 + 1 tsp of chopped herbs (I’ve used basil and dill for this one)



1. Finely chop herbs in the food processor.


2. Add coarsely chopped cucumber and avocado.


3. Add juice from 1 lemon and salt to your liking.


4. Pulse in the food processor. Serve immediately.

More tips:

You can also use dried herbs instead of fresh ones. There are no limits! You can try chives, parsley, thyme, rosemary, sage or anything else you like.


Add some minced garlic. Garlic is another super food with a myriad of benefits.


Don’t be scared to get adventurous and use the opportunity to add even more veggies you wouldn’t usually eat. Try to add radishes, grated horseradish or some fresh ginger. Never stop experimenting!


Inspired by Food and Sunshine

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